And you want to talk about oppression…

بسم لأاا حر-رحمنر رحم

     What is wrong with the news?  When are we going to stop the nonsense?  Stop, allowing the government of all these different countries to suppress our right to wear a niqab or a headscarf.  I, as other Muslim women, don’t understand why my sisters in France have to change the way they dress. Why we need to be like the non-believers?  Because, some ignorant Muslim decided to blow himself.  I was not there neither was I  the cause then why are we being penalize.

The world was shaken down to its foundation after 9/11 occur.  It is very sad to know or should I say accept what was said to me. We were frantic, we wanted to know, the reason for this horrendous crime. Why it  happened to us?  And by us I don’t mean Americans only, I meant  the world.  We grieved our losses, our dear ones and even the ones we did not know.  And then the US attacs, one country after the other searching at no avail.  Finding nothing which merits to look for and making the this country the enemy of many.  Undermining the possibility, that we are not  indestructible.

You may ask and what these events have to do with hijab, niqab or Muslimahs?   We are seeing more countries taking away the right of our Muslim sisters to cover.  We are being stripped of our rights.  We are not respected and we are bully by the governments of  countries which are not allow the Muslimah to cover.  What’s wrong with covering our  bodies? , when is your choice.  When it becomes the government choice?  France, Germany and England are the first promoting such attitude.  Can someone tell me: how many Muslims live in these countries?   It is fear who is dictating the actions of these governments?  We don’t  have religious rights.

We, the Muslimahs have no voice.  We need to need to have our voices heard,we need to become the voice behind the hijab.We need to focus, towards the right of being  protect and respected. Write it, blog it,  tell world what’s going on?  Make every bit of it public.  Don’t allow them to get away with it. We talk about oppression, Muslim women are oppress, they don’t have no rights.  Islam came and raised our status and gave us rights, when rights were not heard of.   So knowing our status in Islam, why we allow men, kufars to unveil us and degrade us.  This is real  oppression.  It is mandatory on every muslim man and woman to acquire knowledge about their religion.

I leave you with this:  The Muslim woman is a pearl who needs to be protected against the looks of evildoers who are moved by diseases of the heart and devilish inclinations….” (taken from the book “IMPORTANT LESSONS FOR MUSLIM WOMEN.”



Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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