Again, what is wrong with this picture?

Allah the Most Merciful the Most kind says:  Leave alone those who take their religion to be just mere play and amusement, and are deceived by  life of this world.  But continue to admonish, them with Al-Qur’an least a soul is caught in its own ruin by its own action.. ( Also read Surat Hud ayat 77-79, you can also continue reading up to ayah 82.) 

How much longer are we going to allow Islam to become a mockery.  We have so many deviants out there making our religion one of terrorist, one of wrong doing and now we have a man professing to be a Guy Muslim. 

 What is wrong with our society?  Are we so blind to see what  Shaytan is trying to do with us? He is trying by all means to take as many of us as he can. Please visit this link and tell me your opinion:    He studied the Qur’an in great depth, he is an Imam and he finds nothing wrong on been gay. 

My brothers and sisters speak out don’t allow Daayiee Abdullah to twist our religion, to make a mockery of it. together with thousands of gay and lesbians who say they are Muslims.

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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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