This information was provided for Muslims all over the world so that they understand how an alcohol wine or beer is made and available throughout the world including in Muslim countries. The following are the facts about alcohol free wine, beer, its manufacture methods and its possible impact on Islamic Sharia(I am not a Alim but I will give information so that the Muftiyans can  make their own fatwas). 


1. Fact number one, Alcohol free wine or beer was made from real wine or beer. Wines from grape, date, honey, wheat is Khamr and Khamr is Haram according to several ahadith.
2. Questions for Muftiyans, do they think that every part of wine also Haram including water in wine obtained from source of wine such as grape.
The composition of wine is:
Water 80-85%
Alcohol 10-20%

 Acids 0.4 – 1%

 sugar 0.1%(because all sugar in grape is used to produce alcohol)

 Mineral Salts 0.2 to 0.4%

 Coloring substances 0.01 to 0.5%Aromatic substances 0.01 to 0.1%sulphates 10 to 200 Part Millions 

 3. Manufacturing processes used in manufacture of alcohol free wine or beer:

 a. Alcohol free wine beverages is produced by using  US patented process(4775538) where table wine is combined with demineralized water and poured into a centrifugal evaporator where alcohol is spin off to produce an alcohol free wine base and grape juice concentrate is added to alcohol free wine base.
b. Vacuum  Distillation where real wine or real beer is exposed to vacuüm where due to change in atmospheric pressure with low heat or no heat the alcohol is distilled off.
c. Reverse Osmosis, a procedure used to clean impurities from drinking water. Most American homes has this unit under their kitchen sinks. The reverse Osmosis has filters with very minutes pores Through these pores filters only alcohol and water with volatile acids in wine and beer is filtered out of wine and beer without heat. Then those volatile acid and water is put back to a mixture of syrupy mixture of sugar, flavor  compounds on the other side of filter after distilling out the alcohol from alcohol and water acid mixture.
This is also called dealcoholized wine and beer.
d. Non alcoholic sparkling wine or beer is made with a secondary fermentation to produce a non alcoholic sparkling wine or beer with less than 0.5% alcohol. Then carbon dioxide  is forced to make a carbonated non alcoholic beer.
4. Another fact is that all the experts in this industry said that it is very difficult and very expensive to cut all alcohol from wine and beer. This is the reason Non Alcoholic beverages still contain some original alcohol from wine and beer. This lead to federal law about Non Alcoholic beverages which states that Non Alcoholic beverages can contain up to 0.5% original alcohol by volume.
If you consider above breakdown of grape wine, the non alcoholic grape wine has  5%  to 10% original wine in the Non Alcoholic grape wine based on 10% to 20% alcohol content in grape wine and if the Non Alcoholic grape wine has greatest 0.5% original alcohol according to federal law.
So based on this calculation a Muslim who decide to consume Non Alcoholic grape wine  is consuming 5% to 10% original grape in Non Alcoholic grape wine.
5. Another fact is that many producers of Non Alcoholic wine and beer want to keep the same original flavors compounds in Non Alcoholic wine and beer because to match original flavor and taste of wine. Some Non Alcohol wine and beer manufacturer want to keep same flavor and taste in the Non Alcoholic wine and beer. So times they add 2-2.5% residual sugar content to match a completely dry alcoholic wine. Some companies advertised that their Non Alcoholic wine and beer has same original abundant flavors of original wine and beer.
It was reported in research that It takes about 10 nonalcoholic malt beverages to equal the alcohol in one American-style lager.
MCG thinks every part of prohibited wine or Khamr is also Haram same as the every part of pig is Haram. But some Muftiyans may have different opinion.
The purpose of this scientific information is to give facts about Non Alcoholic wine or beer to every Muslims so that they can make decision to consume or not to consume Non Alcoholic wine or beer. But Muslim
Consumer Group consider Non Alcoholic wine or beer as Haram beverage and recommend Muslims not to consume them.
This article is based on some available scientific literature and Allah knows better.



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