Reason why a Muslims shouldn’t have pictures in their houses

First, let me make clear Islam does not oppose art.  Is many manifestations of arts, trough literature, caligraphy, architecture, arabesque, and poetry.  And who can deny this is art?

We can find the reasons why the Sharee’ah is clear in the prohibition of making pictures.  Adopting a lenient attitude towards preparation of pictures is quite invalid.  And here is the ahaadeeth which tell us about the unlawfuness of picture making:

On the Day of Resurrection those who prepare pictures would be asked to breathe souls into those pictures made by them.  And when they would not be able to do this, they will be punished. 1

The Messenger of Allah  Sallallahu alaihi wa salam, said every maker of the photo would be tormented on the Day of Resurrection including every artist whether he makes pictures with his hands or with the help of a camera.2 (ihkaam ul Ihkaam Shaar udatul Ihkaam: vol. 2;  pp. 171-172.)  (Marginal notes on the book Ihkaam ul Ihkaam Shaar umdatul Ihkaam vol.2; p.37.) 

The house with pictures  in it, is cursed in many ways;

 1. The pictures in the house prevents the angels of mercy to enter in it.

2. The picture in the house prevented the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa salam) to go in.  Was reported by Ayesha in Shaih Al Bukhari vol.7; no. 844

3. The obliteration of the pictures from the house , shop,office, ect.  (Sahih Muslim: vol2, p459, no2115)

4. The pictures of idols must be off from the cloth tha  is worn.  (Sahih Al-Bukhari :vol. 3, p. 659)

5. It is disliked to pray wearing clothes with pictures or designs:  (Sahih Al-Bukhari: vol. 7; no.842)

Is many fatawa of great scholars of Islam about picture making.  But Ash-Shaikh MuhamNassir ud Deen Al-Albanee is very clear and right to the point. 

Is no difference between pictures having shadows and pictures without shadows, all are not allowed to be hung on the walls nor can they be put in the house.”  And the reasons are  given above, and Allah knows best.


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