There are reasons and wisdom behind every act in Islam.  Fasting, is an anual institution containing all conceivable attributes for human excellence.  It is a training for the body and soul, a renewal f life, encouraging the spirit of sharing and giving.


Self restraint (TAQWAA) 2:183.  This verse in Surah Al Baqarah indicates that the first lesson or wisdom to be gained in fasting is self-restraint.  Fasting instill in the heart the essence  consciousness of the Creator, moral courage both in secret and in manifest, guiding the heart, the seat of emotion from spoilage and moral indecency.

Behavior Modification: One of the most important things fasting affords the observer is helping him control or change his or her habits, the reason being that human life is and  embodiment of acquired habits.  To change or control a habit is to wage a war on yourself.  If jihaad is mandatory on every believer because it is the peak of the essence in Islam, and it  entails changing habits, the fasting is the training ground for the inevitable that will occur.

HEALTH CARE: The benefit of fasting, transcend guiding the faster from idle talk and indecent acts.  It is a sentinel against disease, provided the faster follows the strict dietary rule:  eat during fast-breaking and  avoiding over eating.  ALLAH SUBHANA WA TALAH states:  “Eat and drink, but waste not by excess, for Allah loves not wasters.”  7:31

PATIENCE:  Fasting helps he whole in conditioning the heart, the soul, and the body on the virtues of patience, tenacity and firmness in the face of adversity.  Patience is the pinnacle of self-mastery, discipline and spiritual agility.

SOCIAL OUTLOOK:  Socially, fasting is an expression of solidarity with the poor, the family and the whole of society. This period in which the rich have first hand experience of what is to be poor, the pains the indigent suffers in normal living conditions.

FAMILY TIES:   Fasting strengthens family ties, especially in that the family is and endangered institution in western society and throughout  the work.  It helps the family gather together to break fast, at IFTAR and eat SAHUUR, together at least twice a day for a month.  The family even prays together with the father as the Imaam.

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