I became a Muslimah about eight years ago. Four month after the day that change the world. Yes, you are right 9/11. Then I got married to a Muslim man. My children became Muslim and life was never the same. Life as I knew it changed.
I lived in a small community upstate New York, where Muslims where not really seen or easily recognizable. I learned much by trial and error. I started looking for information and asking many questions. My husband knew his religion, up to the part were religion started mixing with culture.
I started learning more about Islam. Tawheed,(monotheism), the Arkaan of Islam (pillars of Islam)and many other things. In so many ways I was ignorant in every sence of the word. I learned how to make salah (prayer), learn to recite one or two surahs with the help of Allah aza wa jal.
Married, a new religion, learning to act, dress and live different. It was no easy, it was hard because I had to learn so many new things.
I have heard about a group of Muslims who were teaching Islam in a totally different way. Not deviating from what Islam is, teaching about subjects I knew nothing about. Bidah (inovation), the sahabas (companions of our Prophet Muhammad sala allahu alihim wa salam) and tawheed (monotheism). Tafseers of Surahs, I bought books, and listen to many lecturers. The precision in  which they tought the religion  made Islam easy to understand.
 I moved to New Jersey and Allah subhana wa tallah gave me an opportunity to learn more about Islam, at one point teach it and be able to learn some Arabic. Allah aza wa jal has bless me much, He allow me to come in to a community where Islam is a practice, the right way. Learning about the Salafi manhaj, changed my perspective in life, acquiring knowledge and even my behaviour. Life is so much better when you learn the truth about something so important like your religion.
Islam is not only a religion is a way of life.

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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

One thought on “THE DAY ISLAM FOUND ME…”

  1. Dear Sister in Islaam,

    I need you keep in contact with me to share your Islamic Knowledge with me.

    I’m Salman Ahmad from Lahore, Pakistan. I’m Muslim and Web Designer/Developer by profession.

    I am feeling a lot of necessity to create a Truely Islamic Online Resource. There is a lot of questions, ambiguities about islam in the minds of non-muslims, non-believers and even muslims, that need corrected.

    And as a Muslim It’s our responsibility to clear all the misconceptions about Islam by any means along with Practically builder our Character as Sahaba Razi Allah-o-anhum Ajmaeen (R.A.) did after watch the practice of Muhammad Salallaho alaihi wa sallam (S.A.W.), peace be upon him (p.b.u.h.).

    But there are some basic concepts about Shirk & Kufr that must be elaborated, because without paying attention to The Basics & Types of Shirk and Kufr, without considering these one cannot just claim to be a muslim, while involved in Shirk.

    I’ll try to post the Truth about Islam & Muslims now a days, as soon as possible.

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    Salman Ahmad a.k.a. Ronnie Depp


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