Matters that are obligatory to be known and acted upon


Four matters which are obligatory for us to learn:

  1. Knowledge  
  2. Action
  3. Inviting to this knowledge
  4. Patience in the first three matters.

Three matters which are obligatory for every Muslim male and female to learn and act upon:

  1. Allah did not leave us without purpose

Allah created us provided for us and then did not leave us without purpose rather He sent a messenger. Whoever obeys him enters Paradise and whoever disobeys him enters the

Hellfire Muzammil 73:15-16

  1. Allah is not pleased that partners should be set up with


Allah is not please that partners should be set up with Him in His worship, neither with a near Angel or a Prophet that has been sent.  72:18

  1. Not permissible for one who obeys Allah and the Messenger to have allegiance with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger.

Even if the be the nearest of relatives. 58:22

Haneefiyah is the Religion of Ibraaheem:

Haneefiyah is to worship Allah alone, making the deen purely and sincerely for Him alone.

And Allah commanded all of humanity with and He created them for it, as He said, “And I did not create Jinn or men except that they worship Me.’ 51:56

The greatest of that which  been commanded is Tawheed and it is:  To single out Allah with worship.

The greatest of that which has been forbidden is shirk and it is to invoke other than Allah alongside Him and the evidence is:”Worship Allah alone and do not associate anything with Him.”


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