The Permissibility of Using Facebook for Dawah

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, this is a re-post from Trini Muslims on Facebook. 
With that been said, I will be saying good bye to all my sisters in Facebook. 

There is a website called Facebook which has become well known and is widely used all over the world. On this website every person has their own page where they can write in and post up their pictures. Through the use of this website men and women are able to look at one another’s pictures and they often meet up through this website. Furthermore, it has also been mentioned on some of the newspapers and news reports that cases of kidnap, as well as adultery and fornication have increased directly because of this website. Now some of Ahl us-sunnah have started to use this website in the name of Da’wah. So is it permissible for us to utilize this website whilst knowing all of what has been mentioned?


Shaykh al-‘Allaamah Rabee’ Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee

“The salafee does not visit this type of website. There are enough salafee websites that they can visit.”

Shaykh Abu Umar Usaamah Utaybee of Madinah

“The website facebook is from the immoral and corrupt websites. And it is said that the Jews are behind it, and Allah knows best the truth of this statement. In any case, this does not concern us. That which concerns us is, whether the practices that occur on this website are permissible in the sharee’ah. As for the use of this website to meet women, and the socialisation between sexes as well as the use of this site for other corrupt activities, then this is clearly impermissible.”

And women are weak and naive, so Messenger (ie. msn) and Chat and other similar websites and programmers harm the society, if they are used between men and women. This is completely and absolutely impermissible, due to women being weak and vulnerable. And how many cases of fornication and divorce and sin have come about due to the use of these sites. And this is something clearly recognized.

Face book came to gather between the evil of all of the previous messaging programmers. So all of these programmes were surpassed by Facebook and it increased upon them (i.e. their evil). Therefore it is an immoral and corrupt website. And if you were to use it to set up a page for Da’wah, then women would enter upon your page. And this would
necessitate socializing with women and speaking to them, and perhaps she may even send you her picture and this is something unavoidable in
Facebook. For that reason, the use of this website is impermissible, and I advise the youth that they stay away from it completely, and that they warn against it. And the fact that the sinful people and disbelievers use this website is not a reason for us to also use it, especially when the harm it causes is greater (than the benefit). So I advise you not enter into it.”

Shaykh Abu ‘Amr Al Hajooree of Yemen

Our Lord The Most High says in His Noble Book

“And those who do not witness falsehood, and if they pass by some evil
play or evil talk, they pass by it with dignity”.

And from themeanings of to witness is to take part in or to be present for. Allah the most high says

“So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the
month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Saum
(fasts) that month.”Meaning is whoever is present for and takes part
in (that month).

So it is not permissible for any Muslim who fears Allah to use this website and take part in it. Especially due to what has been mentioned from the corruption and widespread evil which is present within it from pictures and the meeting of women as well as that which takes place because of this website from illegal sexual intercourse and kidnappings and other than that from the crimes which occur. So it is not permissible to use this kind of website. And by the grace and bounty of Allah anyone can create his own forum in this time which we live in. So Ahl us-Sunnah should create their own websites and forums where there is no aiding one another upon sin and transgression but rather where the people aid each other upon righteousness and piety and where the people can call to Allah to their utmost. As for taking part in these kinds of websites, even if it is thought that there is some good in it, then the evil within it is a lot worse and taking part in this website constitutes agreeing with this evil so it is not
permissible to take part in it.

by Mustafa ibn Muhammad

Shaikh Rabee’ said: It is upon you to place emphasis on your time. It is compulsory for a Salafi student of knowledge to not waste his time

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Boricua Muslimah

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10 thoughts on “The Permissibility of Using Facebook for Dawah”

  1. Furthermore sister, Im a lonely revert sister who stopped using facebook because it is haram. Please get in touch with me via the email address I sent you. BarakAllahu Feekum


  2. Assalamualailum sister. I just saw a fatwa on the impermissibility of using facebook on your blog. I also believe facebook is haram. However, I do not understand why many people call themselves Salafis but use facebook. I would like to get in touch with you sister. Please email me or reply to me back at ‘ ‘ . JazakAllahku Kheir. May Allah reward you with good.


  3. I stopped using FB for two years because I didn’t want to see non-Muslim status updates. I didn’t want to be subjected to looking at the kinds of things that non-Muslims find entertaining. Then recently a Muslim sister told me that she only uses Facebook to receive halal information. She told me that there’s a lot of Islamic knowledge being shared on FB. My account had been deactivated, but not deleted. Being a revert to Islam I had many non Muslim men and women on my FB. I decided to reactivate my FB, but first delete all of the males except for my family members and pious Muslim brothers who are either Islamic teachers, or from my Masjid community who provide Islamic knowledge. (Actually I only have 2 brothers on my FB) Next, I decided to make sure that I would not receive status updates on my newsfeed from non Muslim women. They are still on my FB, but I only see what they write IF and WHEN I choose to go to their FB page. Also, I got rid of all photos. I filled my photo album with Islamic Art and pictures with Islamic knowledge, and verses from the Quran. Then, I subscribed to receive updates on my newsfeed from many sources of Islamic knowledge from Sheikhs and Scholars. I also receive daily posts of Hadeeth. I communicate with all of my Muslim sister’s on FB, and we share Islamic interests. Now that I am using FB in a halal way, I feel it is time to share Islamic knowledge with the non-Muslims who I know. I was born and raised in America for 41 years. I began to practice Islam 2 years ago, though I studied it for many years before that. I have many non Muslim FB friends who I don’t see regularly. FB is a great way to communicate with a large number of non-Muslims in a halal way for the specific reason of educating them of the beauty of Islam, and inviting them to Allah swt’s religion. If I can help even one person to realize that Islam can only have come from The Creator, thereby encouraging them to ask Allah for guidance, then I will have accomplished Allah swt’s will. In this time of social media boom, we have more of an opportunity and obligation to spread Islamic knowledge to non-Muslims. InshaAllah, Islamic knowledge will be so wide spread and the truth will be so clear to people, that perhaps Islam will be THE world dominate religion in our lifetime. Yes Facebook was created by the non Muslims, but it was Allah swt who gave them their intelligence and means to create this engineered tool. Should we not then appreciate the bounties of Allah in a way that Allah approves? We walk all over America not wanting to look at things that are not halal for us to look at. We don’t ask for these things to be present in our lives, but we can’t control them sometimes. So we must take measures to avoid exposure to that which is haram to look at or be involved in. But when we can’t avoid it, we need to lower our gaze!! We do it every day. I do it in the grocery store when waiting in line to pay. I must lower my gaze to the magazines. I could easily look at the pictures of exposed people in the pictures, but I must lower my gaze. Should I avoid all stores with Magazines?? Same thing with Facebook. Also, I could start a haram relationship anywhere on the Internet. Why ONLY point out FB as a vehicle for evil and haram relationships. Pornogrophy and Adultery can be used all over the internet. Does this make that internet haram for us? Obviously you don’t think so or this article wouldn’t have been written. And also- the Internet wasn’t created by Muslims – perhaps the Jews and Christians are behind it all! The knowledge was provided by Allah! I’m not a moderate Muslim in America. I believe in practicing the Sunnah as much as possible. I’m not against plural marriage for the sake of Charity to my sister, or for my husband if Need be. Im not trying to Americanize Islam. Im against bidah. And I do feel that it is my duty to spread Islam and FB is an excellent vehicle for doing it!


    1. ASA, you are using the Internet which is encouraging sin and transgression. Why is the Internet ok, but Facebook is not? please read my post.


      1. Was alaikum salaam was rahmatullahi was barakatuh. It was just an article I found interesting. I also I have a fb page, which I share with my husband just as I share his. My fb page is mix with information for everyone, Muslims and non Muslims. I am more of an activist, and also I am a freelance journalist. Visit my page in FB, and you can see what I am talking about. In my fb page I have to approve everyone’s post, not everyone gets a chance to put whatever they want. Thank you again.


  4. Wa ‘Alaikis-salaamu wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh!
    Jazaakillaahu Khairan, ukhtee fillaah! I honestly do not know why people – the SALAFEE people – are finding it hard to leave facebook. This is a test for them. And indeed the people are upon goodness as long as they stick to the scholars!
    Baarakallaahu Feekum, Ayyuhas-Salafiyyoon!


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