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Barakallahu Feek
Abu AbdurRahman Rajeef

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: siori ——
Date: 2010/7/29
Subject: Welcome students of knowledge
To: rajeef musthafa

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullaih wa barakatuh

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith

I welcome you all to this blessed journey you are about to take, which is the easiest and fastest road to Jannah like the prophet has said sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
because as it is unanimously agreed upon amongst the Scholars of Islam: the Arabic language is the key to understanding Islam that is because this Qur’an and Sunnah have been revealed by the Arabic language, therefore it is impossible for anyone to understand the deen without understanding first the language it has been revealed in.

Omar Ibnul Khattab said: ” learn Arabic, for it is of your Deen”

Al Imam Ash’shafi’ee said: ” that is because the tongue (language) which Allah has chosen is the Arabic one, so He has revealed His book by it and made it the tongue of his last prophet Mohammed – صلى الله عليه و سلم – that is why we say: Anyone who is able to learn Arabic should do so because it is the language that aught to be learned ”
and Imam Malik said: ” If I was to reach an aim in sciences, and an end in understanding I wouldn’t be out of two sources: The Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and there is no way to them except by knowing the Arabic tongue”
and the Imam Assuyuti said: ” and the Scholars have unanimously agreed that grammar is needed in every kind of science (Islamic sciences) never the less interpretation of the Qur’an and Hadeeth, for it is not permissible for anyone to talk in the matter of the book of Allah until his full of Arabic, because the Qur’an is Arabic, and its meanings are not understood without the Arabic principles, and so the hadeeth”
And observe carefully how Sheikhul-Islam ibnu Taimiyyah describes the importance of it by saying: ” therefore Arabic in it’s self is of the deen, and knowing it is obligatory (in general), because understanding the Qur’an and Sunnah is obligatory, and they are not understood except by the Arabic language, and that which the obligatory is only done by is obligatory”
And he also said: ” And know that getting used to the (Arabic) Language effects the mind, morality and religion a strong clear effect, and it effects – also – in resembling the first generation of this Ummah of the companions and their followers, and resembling them enriches in mind, religion and morality”
He also said: ” Also when Allah has revealed his book by this language, and made his messenger a conveyor of the Book and wisdom by it’s Arabic language, and made the ones to be the first to this Religion speaking it = there wasn’t one way to perfectly understanding the religion except through perfecting this tongue ”

And when the Scholars realized the importance of such a language so vast in meanings, and also realized that the destruction of this language means the destruction of the right understanding of Qur’an and Sunnah they have spent their lives following this language from it’s routes (the Pure Arabs themselves) and put sound and strong principles to preserve it until it has become a mighty unbreakable science.

And the scholars have stated that many of the people became deviants because of their ignorance of this language as Al Imam Al Bayhaqi narrated from Abi Azzinad from His father that He said: ” not one soul has fallen into blasphemy in the east except because of his ignorance of the language of the Arabs ”

therefore the easiest way to perfecting this language quickly and fluently is through the summarized books that the scholars have written for the beginners, because they have only written them after much experience to know what the people after their age need.

and also the ancient ones used to make the beginners start with sarf (Morphology) before Nah’w (Grammar), because in Grammar you are going to learn how to put the words together in a right sentence, but before doing so you need to first learn which words you are going to use, and what are the right forms of words appropriate to use in this sentence, basically each form of a word in Arabic is used for a specific meaning, so you are going to learn which words you should use to express that meaning within yourself and in which form, and then and only then will it be very easy for you – according to the principles you have learned – to put the right words together forming the right sentences.

if you understand this you will understand that what you are going to learn here is something a lot different than what you used to learn in other books such as the Madeenah Book, Arabiyyah bayna yadaik, …etc, because these books depend on giving you many examples to get you close to the principles, but we are going to do it the old fashion way (how the old scholars did it) which is the exact opposite, meaning we are going to give you the principles and teach you how to base everything you say on those principles, and trust me when i say only then
will it be hard for you to make a mistake in speaking because as the scholars say ( من حُرِم الأصول حُرِم الوصول ) who lost the principles lost the way.

So students: yes it is that easy, but it needs much dedication from your side and remember that Allah gives you according to your intentions, so you have to work on Ikhlas here, you aren’t going to do this just for the curiosity of it but you are going to do it because you want to have that tool that will make you understand the Qur’an and the Sunnah from just reading them in many cases.

I can tell you it doesn’t need much time from me to teach you this, but remember it will also depend upon your efforts and revision to perfect yourself as well

And the Good news is that it is All Free of Charge! that’s right absolutely free may Allah make all of our deed sincere, but the only condition is Consistency in Attendance which i shall explain inshallah in our introduction classes.

I have been forwarded your emails from people who really care about you and have witnessed the importance of such lessons, therefore i thank them for wanting the goodness for others and I thank you for your efforts in getting over all obstacles and barriers between you and seeking knowledge where ever it is for it is truly the best thing you can ever do.

as for the set Timing it shall be three days a week on:
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday after Maghrib prayer our timing which is 7:40 so for those of you who live in Philly USA that would be 11:40 am and will run for one hour ( 50 Min. of the lesson with 10 Min for questions and answers ) inshallah.
when Ramadan comes we shall decide together how the new timings are going to be inshallah

And we are going to be starting this coming Sunday inshallah 1st of august 2010

I ask all who are interested to join to please send me a reply confirming they would like to join, so i can add them to the invite list in my word document.

as soon as you get this and you would like to join kindly sign up on this free tutorial site where all lessons will be held:

All you’ll need to do is:

1- Register yourself as a Student.
2- Look for the teacher Fahad Al Tahiri (Myself) and send me a request to be one of my contacts.
3- As soon as I accept You will be notified about all classes in your wiziq inbox, just click on the email and follow instructions as soon as you get the invite.
4- Please make sure that you use the same email account that you sent to the admin on the site

We have received over 60 interested students Mashallah, so what you need to do is confirm that you may attend the classes at the stated time above.
Also in case you are not able to meet those timings stated above feel free to determine the feasibility of the timings from your side so we can pick a time convenient for at least the majority.

I Look for a quick response, if you know others interested in the class, kindly forward their E-mail addresses to me (fahadaltahiri and the noble admin Brother Ayyub (Russel Hamilton) at (Ayyubuae

For suggestions and Further inquiries please don’t hesitate to e-mail

Your Brother in faith
Fahad ibn Taher Al Tahiri


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