by Muslim Sisters
(Extracted from the monthly journal – Riyadul Jannah)


Sisters, we all know that women are said to be always complaining, never satisfied with anything and never being appreciative. Perhaps we should ask ourselves why we are labeled as “complaining ungrateful women“. They say that there is no smoke without fire, so perhaps there is a grain of truth in this statement.

Everyone knows the story of the very pious saint who was seen flying by everyone including his wife, who thought it was some pious Sheikh (not realizing that it was her own husband). When told it was none other than her husband she refused to accept it. When everyone insisted, she finally accepted that it could have been him since the man flying was not a good flyer and his legs had been crooked!

One may wonder how true this story is. However, whether true or false, one may well ask if women deserve this label.

I can imagine you sisters getting up in arms at my audacity and impudence, but let’s be honest and search deep within ourselves. Let’s admit that perhaps we do complain about our men folk just a teensy weensy bit?

If so Sisters, we can rise above it for the Pleasure of Allah. Let’s show them that we can overlook their coming home in the evenings with a frown, when what we could have done with was a loving, sympathetic smile after having put up all day with tantrum throwing teenagers, screaming six year olds and burpy babies. Let’s show them that we can be patient when they answer in monosyllables when all we want to do is to pour our hearts out to them. And let’s avoid sulking, when after having slogged over a hot stove for hours to prepare his meal, he says, “It’s not like my mother’s”. Let’s not forget the sisters, who have had a hard day trying to earn a living to make life easier for us. It’s not easy out there you know.

“Who is asking for luxuries?” I hear you say. Come on Sisters, let alone the luxuries, even bare necessities don’t come cheap nowadays, and as for those sisters who expect new clothes at every occasion with perfectly matching shoes and scarves, and fancy house decor, well, need I say more? And what about the bills, especially the phone bill? We use the phone to complain to each other about this that and the other and it gets us nowhere. So Sisters, lets avoid getting connected with every Sister ‘A’ishah, Fatimah and Maryam. Instead let’s get connected with Allah ta’ala and let’s put our complains to Him since it is He Alone who will hear us? No matter what the need, instead of complaining to each other, let’s plead instead to Him Who is the most Powerful and in Whose Hands are the hearts of all men.

As for every brother Ibraheem, Isma’eel and Saleem, who are at this very minute sitting back with a self satisfied smile, they should perhaps contemplate upon the story about the very pious saint, who was forgiven only on account of swallowing his anger along with his food when his wife once forgot to add salt to it. Contemplate also on the words of our beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam, “…The best among you are those among you who are the best to their wives.” (Tirmizi)

This letter has been written by a sister who preferred to remain anonymous. Sharing her experiences of wearing hijab and the delight it brought, she has sought to encourage other sisters to do the same.
We hope that this letter will become instrumental in bringing about the desired change in the lives of our mothers and sisters.

My dear sisters-in-Islam,
Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I would like to share with you my experiences of putting on the ‘DREADED VEIL’. You see, I too was afraid to put it on. I was afraid of the changes it would bring in my life, the inconvenience, the ridicule from the ignorant ones on the streets and of course, the reactions of my family members and friends.
I knew what Allah’s Command was on this matter, however, Shaytan and Nafs, as helpful as ever, brought a lot of important matters to my attention. “It’s going to be so awkward at the bar-b-q’s and other social gatherings”, said the knowledgeable Nafs. How are you going to eat at a restaurant and what about holidays and fun days out?” prompted the Shaytan. “You will miss out on so much!” they both whispered, “Leave it. It will be easier this way!” 
However, Allah, Allah the All-Powerful, Allah the Most Patient, Allah the Most Merciful, Who had been watching while I transgressed every law of hijab you could think of, and who had been waiting ever so patiently while I disobeyed the laws sent down in His Book, through His infinite Mercy put a spark of light in my heart, which grew till I had no choice, but to put on the oh-so-dreaded piece of cloth on my face.
My dear beloved sister, no one told me of the deep sense of happiness I would feel. No one told me I would walk down the street dressed in black from head to toe and still feel like a million dollars. No one told me how special it would make me feel.
It didn’t matter that many of my friends were not so friendly any more, or that my female relations took offence because I was hiding from their husbands and sons, or that my husband was not exactly over the moon about it. Conversations became stilted, social gatherings became awkward, but my heart knew a peace it hadn’t known before. The feeling of being chosen and gifted remains with me even today.
Try it my dear sister-in-Islam. You won’t know till you try it. When the Pleasure of Allah touches your heart you won’t ever want to go without the ‘DREADED VEIL’, Insha’Allah!


Your Sister-in-Islam.

[Source: Islamic Da’wah Academy]


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