Photographic Memorabilia?

Author: Imaam Muhammad Bin Saalih Al ‘Uthaimeen (rahimahullah)


Translator: Abu Yesmean Moslem Bin Usama

 Q: May Allah reward you; the questioner, Hasan Hussein, says: I’m a young man,

and I love taking pictures and preserving them. An occasion doesn’t pass-by unless

I’ve photographed it for the memories, and I preserve these pictures inside of an

album; however, on many occasions, months pass without me ever opening the album

to look at the pictures. What’s the ruling on these pictures that I’ve taken and

preserving them?

A: It’s obligatory that you repent to Allah (‘Azz wa Jall) for your actions, and to

burn all of the pictures that you’ve saved immediately; because it’s not permissible to

preserve pictures for memory. Therefore, it’s upon you to burn the pictures after

you’ve heard what I just told you, and I ask Allah to guide me and you, and for

salvation from that which He hates.


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