The Eight Things that Nullify the Fast:


Fasting In a Nutshell

Author: His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad bin Saalih Al-‘Uthaimeen (rahimahullah)

Original Source:

Translated by: Tijani Muhammad Siddieque

Edited by: Zaid bin Abdul-Malik Lites

1. Sexual Intercourse: If it is done during the day in Ramadhaan, by someone who is obligated to fast then he has to make a great expiation along with making up that day. The expiation is to free a slave. If he can’t find one to free or is not capable, then he has to fast for two consecutive months. And if he not even capable of doing this, then he has to feed sixty poor people.

2. Ejaculation while one is awake through masturbation, hugging, kissing, fondling, etc.

3. Eating or drinking, whether the thing consumed is useful or harmful, like cigarettes.

4. Injection of nourishment that may substitute for food, because it constitutes as consuming food and drink. But the injections that do not provide nourishment do not break the fast whether they are injected into the muscles or the veins; and whether the injected person finds its taste in his throat or not.

5. Injection of blood (blood transfusion); for instance someone who loses blood and is injected with blood to replace the blood that was lost.

6. Menstruation and postnatal bleeding.

7. The extraction of blood by means of cupping (Hijaamah), and similar means. However, if blood comes out, by itself, such as nasal bleeding or tooth extraction, and likewise, then this does not break the fast; for this is neither cupping nor implied in its meaning.

8. Deliberately vomiting. If it is unintentional, it does not break the fast.

Some Points of Benefit:

1/ It is permissible for the fasting person to intend to fast, while being in a state of Janaabah (sexual impurity) and then he may purify himself by making ghusl after the break of dawn.

2/ If a woman, in Ramadhaan, becomes clean and free of her menses or post-natal bleeding before the break of dawn, she must fast, even if she doesn’t take a ghusl, until after dawn.

3/ It is permissible for the one who is observing the fast to have his wisdom tooth or other teeth extracted, and to treat his wound, and to use nose or eye drops. And this will not break his fast even if he senses the taste of the drops in his throat.

4/ It is permissible for him who is observing the fast to clean his teeth with a miswaak at the beginning of the day and at the end of it. This is a sunnah while fasting, just as it is while not fasting.

5/ It is also permissible for the fasting person to do that which lessens the severity of heat and thirst, like cooling off by washing his body with water or using an air conditioner.

6/ Also the fasting person can spray into his mouth what which alleviates for him the shortness of breath caused by pressure or something else.

















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