Someone told me, to follow my dreams, no matter how old I became.Determination was my drive but not a good enough reason. Trough out the years I started various projects and never completed a single one. I went through many obstacles in my life, if I was an athlete I would have won many gold medals.
Time after time, again and again I re-invented myself into something totally different. I was many things. I never could wear a hat long enough in order to feel comfortable with my new self. Eventually life catches up with me, it hit me real hard. I was left with nothing, at all. No money, no self-esteem, no character and overall a void which consume my soul. I was afraid of living and dying. Sharing with no one, because I had no trust on the next person, because of all the hurt I had experience.
As time pass and I evolve and wore a new hat, right about this time I discover Islam, I should say Islam found me. I t was a simple religion, and the changes came on handy. Like not wearing those skimpy outfits or going to the tattoo , nail or hair salon. Then it was the other flaws, the hidden ones. The ones you donft want to share about, the ones that will eat you from the inside
To re discover self was a job on itself and dealing with the family structure changing was the icing on the cake. And I conquer self. And I learn more about my new-found religion, and I learn to stand for myself. For the first time I understood how important I was as a woman, a mother, a wife and a daughter.
I am a Muslimah first and this is what Islam means to me: gIslam is submission to the one and only Lord of the Worlds, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind and and my Judge in the Day of Judgment. I will be return to Him to face my trial. I am not afraid. I know Islam liberated me, my soul and my life. Islam is the drive to pray, to learn, to teach and live happy


Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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