Assalam-o-alaikum (May the Peace and Blessing Be Upon you)

You may be aware of a small church in Florida who wants to Burn Quran on Septemeber 11.If you are not then please Google it. Some of you may be wandering on what should be our response.?



There are three things that we can do regarding that matter individually.

1) Read the Quran Week.

In this week starting from Monday September 13, 2010 inshallah we will try our best to take out time from our busy schedule and read Quran at least for 30 minutes Quran with Tafsir. You can read any Tafsir but I would recommend TAFSIR IBN KATHIR.

2) Distribute the Quran Week

In this week we (Individually) will at least distribute 10 copies of Quran to our Non Muslim Friends who may be from our college, high School, Work or our Neighbors.

Besides that we will (Individually) distribute some Pamphlets of WHYISLAM. You can purchase or download those Pamphlets from the following URL. (http://whyislam.org/OrderLiterature/tabid/174/Default.aspx)

3) Promote the Peace TV week
We (Individually) will introduce “Peace TV” which is an Islamic Channel by Dr. Zakir Naik.

Inshallah we will continue this work for about a week. However we don’t
have to wait until that time. We can start preparing for it from now onwards inshallah.




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Boricua Muslimah

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