Enough is enough, who is going to stop the burning of the Qur’an?

 We all know if the Bible or the Torah were the issue of concern, it will be taken care of. Because the first time it was mention the burning of either on of these books, the law, government and God knows who else will make sure it doesn’t even grow in to a three-ring circus. But no, is the  Qur’an, so our concern is the American troops, not the Muslims. I see neither heard any concern about, me and the other 2 billion Muslim  around the world. 

This is a very sensitive issue.  How far are we allowing freedom of speech to become a cliché for everything we want to said?  Right or wrong it doesn’t matter.  Anything and everything could be said and written because, we can basically do what ever we want in this country. FREEDOM!!!

Pastor Terry Jones has no regards for Americans or anyone for that matter.  Knowing  his family and other members of his congregation will become targets, he has strong hold on what he wants to do. He has no regards for human life.  He has shown  the true face of America, the bigot and racist one. 

His congregation is blind following a mad man who has no concern with them.  Just think, will God frown or be happy with such of action?

Mr. Terry Jones, you know you are wrong.  You are a man of God*** stand down on your decision.  You know how much harm you are already causing.  Are you willing to accept responsibility for the death of many, just to prove your point, which is …?  That all Muslims are of the Radical kind.  Do your homework? You mention in one of your many interviews you have never read the Qur’an, it  is  a good time for you to sit down and read Qur’an. Learn about Islam, read the Qur’an with no prejudice. 

Insha Allah, your heart is soften and you realise the consequences of your terrible action…


Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

2 thoughts on “Enough is enough, who is going to stop the burning of the Qur’an?”

  1. You ask how far we let freedom of speech become a cliche for everything we want to said — freedom of speech is a “right” of all not a select few, it’s hardly a cliche. It seems muslim leaders in the U.S. use their right to freedom of speech to downgrade Caucasians and Jewish and blame us for all your woes even to go so far to say we are not repentant for the sins of our forefathers who brought slaves to the United States. Khalid Muhammed incites violence (see Khalid Muhammed at YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca_rQyKx_dg&feature=related). Louis Farrakhan promotes the idea that any relationships between black and white folks are merely “petty.” In Pakistan they have already burned the American flag and a dummy image of the pastor in retaliation for something the pastor is merely “talking about doing” but has not yet done. Who was there to stop them? Why didn’t they not burn the flag? You say the pastor has no regard for Americans, yet your most outspoken leaders have no regard either (Khalid Muhammed and Louis Farrakhan). In their eyes it is only the muslims that should be regarded. We live in peace amongst each other with our different viewpoints, yet muslim leaders incite hatred and violence. I believe the pastor has a “right” to stand up to that in the way in which he has chosen to do so. Your leaders have been much more disrespectful in many, many sermons and speeches yet they have the “right” to do so! The rights are not for a select few.


    1. Neither Khalid Muhammed or Louis Farrakhan are our leaders. Mr. Jones is not talking about doing, he already said he was going to do it regardless of the concern of the goverment, and other Christians leaders telling him. Our leaders,( not the ones you mention) don’t bring speeches of hate, the Muslim who brings such actions and behavior are the ones who don’t follow our Religion according to its principles. These two individuals do not represent Islam at all: they are in the Nation of Islam which is a black Nationalism movent from the 50’s and don’t follow the Qur’an nor the Sunnah. Please read History of the Nation of Islam and these individuals before you claim them as “our leaders”.


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