We have to unite… Is Louis Farrakahan the spokeperson for the Islamic American community?

For the record, Louis Farakahan is not and never will be a spokesperson for the Islāmic community.  The Nation of Islam is but a Black nationalist group who teaches to hate the white man.   They don’t follow the Sunnah, they don’t pray five times a day and they don’t  follow any of the pillar of Islam. 

We need our leaders to speak up, Mr. Farakahan is taking the lead on many issues about Islam lately and he is making a separation between the Muslims here in the USA and our brothers and sisters from abroad.   We can not allow this situation. He is not the representative of the Islāmic nations around the world or the US. We all have to struggle for the sake of Allah, we are all suffering the same. Because, Islam is about unity.  We can not allow Louis Farakahan to come between us and make a distinction between the American Muslim and other Muslims around the world.

I am a sunni Muslim who follow the Salafi Manhaj , I pray 5 times, I follow the Arkaan of Islam, my Lord is Allah Subhana wa tallah, my prophet is Muhammad and my religion is Islam.


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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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