To cover or not to cover…?

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, my beloved sisters in Islam and the non-Muslim women who will like to know the reason we, the  Muslim women cover.

Some of us cover aside of our body, our hands, face and never show our feet. I will like to share some points which will make the understanding of hijab a bit easier.

First I will mention the disadvantages of uncovering any part of the body.  This will also be useful for the non Muslim woman who cares how society looks at her.  (please remember we are adressing the muslimah so what doesn’t apply just disregard)

1. A woman being unveiled will be in a state of rebellion against Islamic society and disobedience of the precept of Allah subhana wa talah, Who created her.

2. She will be violating the legitimate rules of her true Islamic religion as well as the purified laws of the Prophet’s traditions (Sunnah)

3. Such woman will be breaching the honoured morals of Islam giving no heed thereto in case of being unveiled.

4. Waiving th woman of her pudency and chastity which were the prime chareacteristics of the mothers of the believing man and women, may Allah accept them and also each belieing woman.

5. Uncovering will strip the woman fom anything which hides her finery, charms, and the private parts.

6. Making the woman equal to man as to treatment and rights especially in some Islamic and Arab countries.

7. Going out from home and being obliged to work in the company of men.

8. The unveiled woman has to follow what the west imposes upon her of illicit notions and tenets.

9. The unveiled Muslim woman will be involved in imitating the non-believing women as regards to the destructive custums and usages.

1o. Unveiled women would become the protectors and maintaners of men.

11. Both men and women will not be satisfied with eachother under their existing conjugal life with the mutual desire of making a new substitution. 

12. The wester semi-naked fashion and modes would govern and control the dress and appearance of the woman.

13. Most male-oriented commodities are advertised by alluring naked females for attractions and promotions.

14. Degrading and humiliating the unveiled woman in the common service and job sites which are supposed to be allocated to men only.

15. Causing  the woman to be under actions of compulsory rape and deflowering, of which incidences are seen and hear about, particularly in the advanced and civilized societies in all levels of life.

These are just reminders from a wonderful book.  VEILING AND UNVEILING, by Halah bint Abdullah.  Insha Allah, my sisters use these points and help others to understand how important is to cover our body and the choice to cover the face and hands.

Last but not least a hadith which is very important for our sisters to keep in mind always:

Every eye is adulterous and when a woman perfume herself and passes a company, she is such and such (meaning adulterous)

Collected by At-tirmdhee and Abu Dawood.


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Boricua Muslimah

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