Why should I be grateful?

Business is not doing well, your daughters are not covering and your sons are running around with the crowd of kufars.  You denied Allah subhana wa talah of His glory.  You loose your business, your children are far gone from the fold of Islam and then you remember;  the only One who can restore your life and forgive your sins.

What will make you forget Allah subhana wa tallah? Don’t you know He is a jealous God. He wants all worship directed towards Him and Him only.  He order you and me to pray, pay zakat, go to hajj*and fast in the month of Ramadan.  He created us and jinn with the sole purpose of worshipping Him.  But you relay in this dunya, to supply your every need.  You trusted the kafar to direct your life.  You allowed your children to follow the kafar with no regards for their well-being, because is easy to be accepted than to be set aside for the sake of Allah.  Believing the whispers of Shaytan, making this dunya glitter making you happy at the moment. 

All of a sudden life as you know it is taken from under your feet.   Your daughter is pregnant, your son is gay and the wife, that is another story.  But not once did you remember Allah subhana wa tallah, not once you thought about how easy it is to thank Allah, and created a beautiful connection with Him.  You listen to Shaytan’s every whisper, every trick and you rationalize  everything on why are you not able to visit the masajid on Friday for the congregational prayer. 

Only, when we something is need it we call on Him.  We should have gratitude in our hearts at all the times.  Every breath you take is a blessing from Allah.  Every morsel of food, every drop of water are but a mercy from Allah to you.  Allah created men and jin for the sole purpose of worshiping Him. So which of the favors of Allah will you denied?

It does not matter how hard we try not everybody becomes rich or has his dreams met.


Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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