Being kind to one’s daughters.

Aisha may Allah be please with her narrated: One day a poor woman with two daughters came to mean I gave her three dates so she gave each of them a date. She then raised the date to her mouth to eat it, but her two daughters wanted it so she broke the date and gave each half.  Thus I was truly amazed by her act of kindness.  So I mentioned to him may peace and blessings be upon him, what she did,and he said, “Because Allah made it incumbent that He enters her into Jannah, and He saves her from the fire.”  And in another narration it states, “whosoever is tested with these daughters, and he/she is kind to them, then that will be a protection for him/her against the fire.”

عائشة رضي الله عنها مع الرجاء وروى لها : يوم واحد امرأة فقيرة مع ابنتين جاء ليعني أعطيتها ثلاثة تواريخ لذلك فأعطت كل واحدة منهما تمرة. وما طرحته ثم التاريخ إلى فمها لتناول الطعام ، ولكن ابنتيها أرادت ذلك وقالت انها كسرت الميلاد وأعطى كل شوط. وهكذا وأنا مندهش حقا من قانون لها من لطف. ذكر ذلك قلت له قد وسلم عليه وسلم ، ما اقدمت عليه ، وقال : “لأن الله جعل لزاما أن يدخل لها في الجنة ، وقال انه ينقذها من النار”. وفي رواية أخرى أن الدول ، “كل من يتم اختباره مع هذه بناته ، وقال انه / هي نوع لهم ، فإن ذلك سيكون حماية له / لها ضد الحريق.”

Benefits from this hadeeth.

This hadeeth illustrates Aisha’s radiyallahu anhaa, generoity, kindness, and the love to do good for others.  For in some narrations its states that all she had to eat were those dates she gave the poor woman. And this was something well known about her, for one time Mu’aawiyah radiyallahu anhu sent her a hundred thousand dirhams and before the day was over she gave it all away to the poor and needy.
Taken from the book: The marital life of the Prophet salalahu alahim wa salam. by Dr. Khalid ibn Abdur Rahmaan ash Shaayi.


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