The plucking of eyebrows

  I want to make sure my sisters get the right information about certain topics.  I have taken this information from the book: Islamic Fatwa Regarding women, compiled by Muhammad bin Aabdul Aziz Al Musnad, page 272 and 273. These questions were answered by Sheikh Ibn Baaz.

What is the ruling concerning extra eyebrows hairs?

It is not allowed to remove or shorten eyebrow hairs.  It is confirmed that the Prophet sal allahu alahim wa salam cursed the one who removed them.  Such hadith have been recorded by al-bukhari and Muslim.

What is the Islamic ruling concerning wearing high heeled shoes?

Is basically disliked. By health reasons we should know how bad they are for our back, knees and posture. 

Shaykh ibn Jibreen’s answer to this question will shed light on plucking part of her eyebrows as beautification for her husband?

It is not allowed to remove some of the eyebrow hairs, not shave them off, nor trim them, nor pluck them, even if the husband is pleased with that.  It is not a beautifying act.  Instead, it is changing the creation of Allah and Allah is the best of creators.  The threat of punishment concerning that has been narrated from the Prophet Sala allhu alahim wa salam, as well as a curse for the act.  This implies forbidden.

I have read also that the hair that grows between the eyebrows can be plucked, because is not part of the eyebrow, but part of the bridge of the nose.  Allah knows best.


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