Growing nails and fake nails….

Muslimah, do you grow your nails or have the fake ones?  Well here is something to think about. 

Absurdity of nail growing.

We use our hands to perform a reat variety of tasks, including cooking and eating, and scrubbing and cleaning dirty areas.  Our toes precede us wherever we go, comming in contact wih grounds of varying levels of cleanliness and filth.  Our nailsare fit on our fingers and toes n such a way that they easly and automatically collect traces of whatever they come in contact with.  Therefore, nails are perfect location for dirt collection and germ-reproduction.  They act like a small waste-basket tat we carry with us all the time. The contents of these baskets cannot be completly removed with washing or rubbing.  The only way to clean them is by clipping the nails short at all times.

Long nails have always been viewed as a sign of ferocity and savageness because they are carried by wild animals and barbaric people.  Ironically, in recent times, they have become a sign of refinement and civilization.  This is an example of how people’s fitrah become deformed so as to approve the wrong and dislike the right.

This practices make no sense and has no benefit.  Bu like many absurd practices started by the non Muslims, this practice has been readily accepted my many Muslimahs.  They rush to implement it, ignoring that it violates the Prophet’s techings, that it makes it imposssible for a woman with polished nails to perform wudu, that it brings of filth and diseases into the things she cooks or touches and that it presents a hazard to small children.

After all this, Do you think a Muslimah has any excuse to wear either fake nails or nail polish, other than her menses?

Chapter 4 page 51-52  Traits of fitrah.  Muhammad al Jibaly


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Boricua Muslimah

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