Hajj” means literally “to set out for a place”. For a Muslim, that place is the Al Masjid al Haram (Grand Mosque)Holy City of Makkah.

Three Ways of Performing Hajj

Circumambulation of KaabaCircumambulation of Kaaba

There are three ways of performing the Hajj.


Notes on different types of Tawaf

Haram during peak seasonHaram during peak season

Tawaf is the circumambulation seven times of the Holy Kaaba.

Each circumambulation (shawt) starts from the Black Stone (al-Hajar al-Aswad).

You should move off from the Black Stone counter-clockwise.

Each circuit is completed when you return to the Black Stone and perform the Istilam (the kissing, touching or pointing to the Stone).

On completion of seven circuits, continue to move counter-clockwise until you reach your point of exit.

There are five types of Tawaf.

Hajj Today


The following sections explain the rituals of Hajj.




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