One Ummah?

It not a new topic, is a very old one.  Is not a situation which is hidden or practice only in one Masjid.  Is a situation were the Ummah from different nationalities turn around and look down at the next brother or sister just because they don’t come from their  country or speak the same language as the rest or dress all in black or wear a niqab or your pants and thoube is not short enough.  We are doing exactly what Islam stands not for.  We are separating ourselves between cast, color among other things. Our Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alahim wa salam, said in his last khutbah addressingg everyone, “an Arab is no better than a non-Arab, a non-Arab is no better than an Arab, a white is no better than a black  or a black is no better than a white.”  In Islam we are all one nation, we are brothers and sisters no matter where we come from.  We speak the same language, Qura’an and Sunah, we all pray to Allah aza wajal, we pray facing east and we all bow down to The Most Merciful, The Most Kind. 

So tell me, why is it when I visit the Masjid where everyone is from the Islands,  they learn  I am Hispanic, my husband is an African-American we are outcast. Not to mention my teenage daughter sits around like she has leprosy.   Tell me where in the Qur’an and the Sunnah says women only dress in black and only wore a niqab.  Just because I have chosen to wear other colors (green, blue, brown, navy blue or any other color) I am not worthy of your salams.  Don’t we all pray to Allah subhana wa tallah and face east?  Tell me, why when I visit the masjid in 4th avenue, Roseville avenue, the one in MLK blv. I and many others feel they are alone, outcast and deserted by the of the Ummah. 

You all turn in to clicks, groups according to your nationality, language and even social status.  You don’t let new shahaddas in, but you can criticized the way they dress when they come to pray, instead of offering advise and offering to share an abaya and a kimar  knowing very well they are learning.  Just like we  did, when by the Grace of Allah we came in to this deen.  Brothers you are not exempt.  You do the same even worth.  You gossip as bad as women, you backbite your brother in ways we can not comprehend and then you stand with him, shoulder to shoulder in the ranks to pray.  

I don’t speak arabic, I am not wealthy, I am not perfect and I am not the one backbite anyone in particular.  I am just tired of the way we are making or should I say turning Islam into.   Full of hate, indifference and just pure ignorance.  Brothers and Sisters in Islam may this serve you as a reminder we are all one Ummah.  We are not better than the next and Islam is not only for the Arabs or any other nation in particular.  Take heed and remember you have to stand just like I will, in front of Allah subhana wa tallah, and account for our sins.


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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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