Ibn Uthaymeen: “Do not Marry 7 types of Women …”


*Do not Marry 7 types of Women*

*1. Al-Annaanah: *

The woman who whines, moans and complains and ‘ties a band around her head’ all the time (i.e. complains of a headache or some illness but in reality
she is not sick, rather she is faking).

*2. Al-Mannaanah: *

The woman who bestows favours, gifts, etc. upon her husband then (at that
time or the future) says; “I did such and such for you or on your behalf or
because of you.

*3. Al-Hannaanah: *
The women who yearns or craves for her former husband or children of the
former husband.

*4. Kay’atul-Qafaa: *

The women who has a brand mark on the nape of her neck (i.e. has a bad
reputation or doubts about her).

*5. Al-Haddaaqah: *

The women who cast her eyes at things (i.e. always looking at something to
purchase, then desires it and requires her husband to buy it (No Matter

*6. Al-Barraaqah: *

The women who spends much of her day enhancing her face and beautifying it to such an extent that it will seem like it was manufactured.

*7. Al-Shaddaaqah: *
The woman who talks excessively. .

Taken from the Book: ‘A Concise Manual of Marriage’ by *Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen

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