INSURANCE FRAUD, the fall of our health-care system.

     Is well-known, how insurance fraud is the reason for policies high cost.  The health care system is in chaos, we see the increasingly co payments, and the decline on the health care providers not accepting Medicaid, HMO‘s and at times Medicare.  The government is on a halt with any new law or acceptable decision which can help the masses.
     Recently, I started noticing some strange charges in my Medicare monthly statement.  I am a woman, and one of the charges was  a sperm count. Then,some addresses were from California and I live in the east coast.  The Medicare fraud department started an investigation and this pass weekend a doctor was arrested for insurance fraud.  

What goes around comes around.  Greed moves people. Good people do the most stupid things just to have more money and out do the next door neighbor.  We can pile up all the riches in this world and believe it will not be sufficient to ransome yourself from there hell fire. But the Lord of the Worlds will give you all what you deserve. Doctors abuse people who trusted them and thought they had the best of intentions, until we realize we are just the next payment for his new medical building.

Whoever receives Medicare, be mindful of the charges posted in your monthly summary.  If you see some strange charge notified the proper authorities.


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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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