Our Muslim youth

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.  I am a Muslim from Newark, NJ. Just a brief introduction for what is to come. 

In the area of Newark we have 3 main masajid.  East Orange has 2 masajid.  We have 2 private Islāmic schools within the area.  It could be more, Allah knows best.

Actually only two of the masajid offer activities for children, and few for teenagers.  (And one of the masajid if you are not of certain ethnic group you are set aside and basically not included in their activities.)  We would like to see our teens become an essential part of these masajid.  We would like to have more classes for them, more activities which will help them understand the blessing of a balance Islāmic life

As, I listen to more and more parents complain of the lack of activities for the teens.  And listen  how brothers would like to create re-entry programs for ex convicts and many activities, which do exclude teens.  The Imams and head of these masajid have to create programs, parents YOU  have to become  consistent and keep these programs available.  The same way we have classes for adults we should focus on teaching our teens.

 Stop criticizing the one who tries to start a program.  Only to  turn around and do the same with your click.  We are about clicks, in and out of the Masjid.  We teach our teens the same way. We are all brothers and sisters in Islam.  This behavior cuts deep into the fabric of what Islam stands for.  Stop complaining and do something about it. Main complain, the lack of  funds.  How much does  a basketball cost?  How much does a trip to the Newark museum cost? Spend couple of  hours at a skating rink, a day at a park? 

The whole of the ummah should take responsibility in rasing our children to become the next  generation of Muslims.  The whole of the Muslim Ummah  should realize we will lose our children as teenagers. We follow the way of the Salaf and the best of the Salaf was our Prophet Muhammad salahu allehi wa salam.  Ask yourself “WHAT WOULD THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD DO?” 

 Please don’t say my child never… because I’ve seen what this dunya will do to a teenager.  This dunya took my son and he was a Muslim.


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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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