Muslimah, do you have hair extentions?

     My beloved sisters in Islam, are you wearing hair extensions, or dreds?  Do you know the lengthening of the hair is from the major sins.  And wearing dreads are not from us, referring to  Islam.  Is not about cleaning  your hair or not. Actually I have seen some dreads which look better than my hair  and smell amazing. In the island of Jamaica dreads are used by Rastas, (my Jamaican brothers and sisters you are welcome to explain the reason of the dreads and what is their significance among Jamaicans.) and their  religious believes.

As for hair extensions, Shaykha Umm Abdillah al-Waadi’iyyah, explains in her book, “MY ADVICE TO THE WOMEN,” how the lengthening of the hair is consider a major sin. 

We will start by presenting the first hadith consider in these matters.

Khallad ibn Yahya told us that Ibraaheem ibn Naafi’ upon the authority of  Al-Hasan who is Ibn Muslim from Safiyyah from Aisha that a woman marred her daughter off and shortly afterwards her hair fell out. She then came to the Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alaihim wa salam and mentioned this to him before she told him, “Certainly her husband order me to lengthen her hair.”  Then the messenger of Allah said;

                                “No, most certainly the women who artificially legthen their hair are cursed.”

Muhammad ibn Muqaatil told me that Abdullah informed us that Ubaydullah informed us upon the authority of Nafii’ from ibn Umar that the Messenger of Allah said:

Allah curses the woman who artificially lengthens hair and the one who has her own hair lengthened and the woman who tattoos others as well as the one who is tattooed.”

saheeh al Bukharee [5205/9 and 374/10]

Aadam told us Shu’bah told us that Amr ibn Murrah told us that he heard Sa’eed ibn al-Musayyab say, 

“When Mu’aawiyyah came toMadeenah for the last time, he addressed us and then pulled out a tuft of hair and said, I did not think that anyone did this, other than the Jews.  Certainly the Prophet called this falsehood.” He intended by this reference the artificial lengthening of hair.’


Concerning  these evidences in some of them it was mentioned that artificially lengthening of the hair is from the major sins.  In other places, it is from the practice of the Jews and we are prohibited the  imitation of the enemies of Islam.  In it is also obedience to Shaytan who has said:

“And I will command them to change Allah’s creation.” 

Surely, the scholars have differed about the lengthening of the hair with something other than hair like a piece of cloth or something like it .  From them are those who prohibit the lengthening of hair with anything, whether it is hair or a piece of cloth and this is the position of the greatest.

It is much information in this matter, and I suggest my sisters to look into it.  We are driven by our whims and desires, not learning or asking questions before we do something.  The saddest part is when you correct many, they basically chop your head off and basically send you to a mute mode.  We are supposed to correct each other in that which is wrong and praise each other when we do good.  If you don’t know something, ask questions.  If you think you know everything you are just a step away from the hell fire. Arrogance will always win the best part of you.



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