What is next?

When I  read the head line, I believe Mrs. Connie O’Brien was referring maybe to an accent  or the language the young woman was speaking.  You have to listen to the audio. Is amazing how ignorant and racist our government has  become.  It seems they are catching the Alaska ex-governor disease, idiot.  You all know who I am talking about, but enough about her. 

(sorry, it double up)

If my son is out of school for six years, he better be working or doing something productive. Like saving money for college.  I am just saying, what are you  saying?  And I am more than sure if your son don’t suffer from any physical condition he  is more than capable to do his own paper work.  All you wanted do to was show your face to see if you could get any favors.  Oh, yes look is Mrs. O’Brien…”  That is the reason you are mad. Most likely if your son had receive any kind of help, you would have been quieter than a church mouse.  Mrs. O’Brien you are KS GOP Rep, what are you doing asking for financial aid?  You know how to do things but certainly don’t know how to say things.   You got mad because your son could not get a free ride.   I doubt seriously the conversation you heard was in the entirely the truth.

Not everyone with olive skin is illegal.   What is next, able to tell we are illegal by the way we walk?


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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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