And the SPA goes to… take a pick

• GOP house candidate: Bus jobless blacks to pick crops

Kansas GOPer: Let’s Shoot Illegal Immigrants Like Pigs
Kansas State Rep. Virgil Peck (R) suggested Monday that the best way to deal with the illegal immigration problem may be the same way the state might deal with the problem of “feral hogs” — by shooting them from a helicopter

That not-so-democratic feeling
March 10: Rachel Maddow describes how Republican tactics to discourage (or prevent) likely Democratic voters from voting damages American democracy; and that’s only the beginning!

Speaker Boehner’s Office has Petitioners Arrested Violating 1st Amendment of Constitution | jaysays.
Today, five activists were arrested while attempting to deliver a petition to Speaker of the House John Boehner at his office in Columbus.

Anti-Gay Lawmaker, Boyfriend Charged in Bribery
Carl Kruger may be on his way out of the closet—and into a jail cell. Kruger, a state senator from Brooklyn, was charged with accepting more than $1 million in bribes over the past five years in… Politics News Summaries. | Newser

Rep. King Busted On Muslims & Mosques Comments
Cenk Uygur breaks down Rep. Peter King (R-NY) slamming the media for what he says was “mindless hysteria” with regard to criticism of his ‘Muslim Radicalization’ hearings. Cenk also shows a clip where King says there are too many Muslims and Mosques in America.

NH GOP Senator Says The Disabled and Mentally Ill Are ‘Defective People’ That Should Be Shipped Off.
A community health program manager got a surprise when she e-mailed her NH Senator recently to ask him about why he had voted to cut money from mental health programs. The Senator told her that society would be better without disabled people, and he wishes he could ship disabled people to Siberia.


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