Kathleen Passidomo, you are so very ignorant.

  • During a debate over a 'Sagging Pants' bill, GOP Florida lawmaker Kathleen Passidomo used the example of an 11 year old girl being raped as reason for supporting the bill. She then implied it was the girl's parent's fault that she had been raped.

    FL GOP Rep. Says 11-Year-Old Was Gang Raped ‘Because She Was Dressed Like A 21 Year-Old Prostitute’

    We have our new addition to the Stupid Politician Hall of Fame.  We have heard about the disabled and mentally ill, killing illegal immigrants and now rape because of the way someone dresses.  And the award goes: Is a three-way split.  We can forget about: “I know you are illegal because of your olive skin or it was brown.”

    Kathleen Passidomo, you are the most ignorant woman I have heard of. You have no compassion and no sense of humanity.  You are such a stupid woman who believes in the echos of her own words. Who ever put your dizzy ass in office should bet in jail.  Women like you make it difficult on women.  A WOMAN SHOULDN’T BE TOUCH, NOT EVEN WITH A PETAL OF A FLOWER.  Kathleen Passidomo,  if you are a mother you should choose your words carefully. It could be you at the end of the stick.  Kathleen Passidomo, I though Alaska’s ex-governor  was an idiot, but even her can compare with you.

    President Obama where are you?, when all these politicians are acting a fool and bringing the US. back to the 50’s.  Come on enough foreign policy, concentrate in the people who put you in office.  We the people need you, where you at?  By the way CLOSE GUANTANAMO PRISON, STOP THE TRIALS. YOU PROMISE, but that is another story.

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