The Next Level by Sabirah Parker.

I have met many talented Muslimahs who do amazing work. Some do wonderful clothing, some are painters, some are poets, some are moms,writers, and some are wives and friends. And they are all an inspiration to me.

Sister Sabirah Parker, has an amazing talent and some of her work you can see here. Her work is unique, one of a kind.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet her, a very soft-spoken sister with a pretty smile. 

Once I saw her work, I was impress, This kind of talent shouldn’t be hidden from the world.   The simplicity of  her work is exactly what makes it unique. 

May Allah Talah give her and all my talented sisters all the good in this world and a place in Paradise.  With their work the beautify the world. Allah su give subhana wa talah gives knowledge and talent to who He pleases.

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Sabirah, metal jewelry artist and the owner of Sculptured escapes to her studio to create your jewelry turn on. On the jewelry artist scene since 2002, Sabirah began beading using semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver beads. Her unique designs captured the hearts of her customers and led her to open Beadalicious, Inc., a full scale retail bead shop. While operating Beadalicious, Sabirah was able to obtain several contracts with various non profit organizations including The Children’s Guild and The Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) in Baltimore, Md. She went on to teach the art of jewelry making to “vulnerable” teens, ex-drug addicts, prisoners and the homeless at no charge. whenever she learned a new technique, wire crocheting, wire wrapping, etc she would teach. Beadalicious became known for good energy, great friendships, easy to follow classes and an incredible array of beads and jewelry! In 2009, While preparing for marriage and a move out of the country, Sabirah closed the doors of Beadalicious. Tragedy struck when her fiance suddenly passed away.

Sabirah immediately turned to metal work, more specifically copper metal. “I find the copper to be the perfect medium as it has the surface from which a wide spectrum of color can be extracted by the application of heat.” Besides that, the sound/feel of the hammer was all the therapy she needed to bounce back! Sculptured was formed.

Every aspect of Sabirah’s creation is a work of art, from the initial conception to the physical task of developing the finished form. With her unique style, Sabirah uses a torch as her paintbrush with the flame applying the color. Each finished piece is a union of intuitive inspiration.
Her techniques now include metal sheeting, forging, folding, etching, scrolling and dapping! Now working from her New York studio, Sabirah is once again producing your jewelry turn on…..

Contact Sabirah at or visit the website at


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Boricua Muslimah

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