The US. government is fighting a war with everyone, and  winning none of them. The war is right here on our soil. Because the government wants to boat show to the world, Americans of all races, all religions are suffering the long-lasting effects of all the wars, cuts and just plain injustice. Americans have no need to ask for a hand out, “we should get ours.” Specially, when billions (billions is just an under statement) of dollars are just  pay out, to the Jews, to China, and many other countries, what for?

The real topic here:
Should the government cut food stamps? Really, how families who are in dire need of jobs, who are an unemployment check away from living under a tree, with no other means of feeding their family,  going to make it? To make it better the Jews in NYC, who go upstate New York to spend their summer vacation, get food stamps. With no questions asked? They have a tribe of kids and is all right for them get food stamps during their summer vacation. And our families who are loosing jobs, in the verge of loosing their homes can get zero, food stamps or any other type of help.
What about the Senior citizens? Basically, they are living off retirement checks with no raise since President Obama came to office. Why the President and the rest of his administration take a cut in their paychecks? Our elders are pushed out of their homes, in to senior citizens communities. They basically receive no food stamps (snap), to feed themselves for the month.
COME ON PRESIDENT OBAMA IS YOU WHO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, DON’T SEND US ANOTHER SMOKE SCREEN AND ALLOW YOUR ADVERSARIES TO DESTROY OUR FAMILIES, OUR ELDERS. You have failed our nation. We don’t need another comedian, we need someone to step up and stop treating the American communities like we are idiots.


Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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