1. Obedience to the command of Allah and His messenger, which results in the servant’s happiness, in this life and in the hereafter.
  2. Following the ways of the Messengers who commanded us to follow them and emulate them.
  3. Fulfilling the objective of joy for the soul and happiness of the heart.
  4. Protection of the private parts, defense of the honor, lowering the gaze and distancing one’s self from seduction and lust.
  5. Increasing the Islamic nation as numbers strengthen it and the other nations to respect it.  In addition, it will suffice itself from relying on others if its strength is used in implementing the purified legislation.
  6. The fulfillment of the Prophet’s pride, peace be upon him, for his nations on the Day of Judgment.
  7. Connecting the families and strengthening the bonds of love between families and emphasizing a social connection.  Indeed a tightly knit society is a happy and strong society.
  8. Marriage is a cause for provisions and wealth to increase as has proceeded in the statement of the Most High: “If they are poor, Allah will increase them from His favor.”  And the statement of the Prophet Muhammad salah alahu alahi wa salam:  “there are three people whom Allah has obligated Himself the right to assistance… and He mentioned from them: the person who marries desiring modesty.”
  9. The continuation of the human species by way of procreation which results from being married, and causes joy through the occurrence of children.
  10. The need of both of the spouses for one another; mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  11. The institute of marriage follows the natural and deep rooted desire embedded within men and women which Allah talah placed with them to perfect human life.
  12. Marriage is cooperation of both spouses in raising their children, building a family and protecting it.
  13. Classifying the bond between man and woman on the basis of mutually observing each other’s rights and upon cooperation that promotes love, mercy, companionship, respect an appreciation.
  14. Marriage completes the religion, purifies the soul and the body and protects one’s honor.
  15. Protection from the devil, defense against the harms of lust, and abstaining from sex out of wedlock.

This is just a few reminders, is many more and all of them command us to do good and abstain for evil deeds. 


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Boricua Muslimah

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