We know the world as we know it don’t understand Islam. If they don’t understand Islam what makes you think they will understand MuslimahsIslam as a religion is a system for life. Life as a Muslim takes conditioning of our physical and mental body.


We are a  power of example for the world.  We are expected to act, dress, talk, walk and behave in a particular way. We follow the Quran and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad salalahu alahi wa salam.


We obey our parents. We study and become professionals. We marry and have children. Raise our children as Muslims, obey our husband like a Muslimahs should. We accept polygyny, because we want for our sister what we want for ourselves.  We dress with modesty and have no shame if the need for niqab is necessary. 


We have the world saying we oppressed. Because we stay at home moms, we cover from head to toe, we have children when we marry not before.  We don’t hang around men, and we don’t shake their hands. We work, we keep our money, and we can become as successful as we want to become.

The world see all these traits, women should have, as oppression. And women see it as: OMG, this could be us, if we don’t liberate these women.
 I see it as dignity, empowerment and beauty. What do you see?
How do you see us? We will like to know.



Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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