Helping Muslim inmates in Puerto Rico

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh:
May the peace and blessings of our Lord be with all my friends.

At the present and pressing time I will like to bring to everyone’s attention the situation with our Islamic community in Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, Islam is not recognize as a major religion. Many of our brothers and sisters are not able to practice the religion of Islam, properly. Maybe is a lack of assistance from any Masjid in the area or because the Correctional Facilities in itself are not allowing them to do so. It was bought to my attention a particular prison in Penuelas, inmates cannot pray, study or have a khutbah (service) on Friday. Even in Cuba where they held “terrorist” they are allow to pray, why can’t the inmates in Puerto Rico practice Islam?
I am calling on all my sisters and brothers, family and friends. We need to help these inmates, we need to send books, prayer rugs, and open a chapter of CAIR in Puerto Rico.

Looking foward to hearing from you
Khadijah bint Costello.


Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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