Answers to Islamic trivia 5/27/12.

1. The types of purifications are:

a. Purification from physical filthiness, both major and minor

b. Purification from a state of relative filthiness.

2. Difference between major and minor filthiness:

      Minot filthiness is the kind that only necessitates ablution, while major filthiness is that which demands a ritual bath.  Ritual bath is obligatory in five situations:

a. contact between the circumcised part of a man’s genitals and that of a woman’s.

b. ejaculation

c. death

d. menstruation

e. post partum and birth

3. The conditions for validity of purification:

a. Islam details of Islāmic rulings do not apply to a disbeliever.

b. State of discretion.  (insanity, child who has not reached the age of discretion)

c. Cessation of menstrual and postpartum bleeding.

d. The part of body that needs to be  washed should not be covered by any substance that forms a mass or barrier, that can

prevent water from touching the skin. (nail polish, wax and the likes)

e. Knowing that the purification is an obligated act (Wajib) and not a recommended act.

f. Knowledge that ablution (wudhu) and ritual bath (ghusul) are compulsory.

g. Removal of actual filth.

h. One should let the water flow on the parts to be washed in ablution or bath.

i. Ensuring that the time of the prayer is due and ensuring continuation  the state of purity.

j. The water used for purification should be clean and good for purification.

And Allah subhana wa talah knows best. Learn about Islam, learn about purification if you don’t know the steps for ablution, ghusl and taymmum your prayer have no validity



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