I am going all out…

Is amazing how the sisterhood in Islam is about clicks and who is more popular. Who talks about the most stupid subjects, backbite one another or behave like a non-muslim. I believe I don’t say it enough, we are turning to be about nothing, nothing important, nothing that will bring us closer or nothing that will bring a non- muslim to the fold of Islam. Is easy to post non-sense “from an islamic view point” or to tear a marriage apart because of your nameemah or a friendship because of your gheebah. It is sad to say we are acting like who we use to be, ignorant, stupid and just with no vision of life. We rather stay the way we were as to change to what we need to become. Islam is not for us to play around and make a spectacle of it. Read your posts in Facebook, see what your comments are really doing to us in the West. Don’t you think this is what the non-muslim is waiting to see.
We profess to be up on Islam, we profess to have knowledge and to be so sanctify get a grip of yourselves, because you are not. Review your behavior, like I am reviewing mine, and think very deeply if this is the kind of behavior Allah subhana wa talah wants from us. We are accountable for everything we say and do. Stop the hypocrisy with each other, stop the clicks, stop being so self righteous just because you call your self Salafy. Follow the example of our Prophet Muhammad sala allhu alahi wa salam, and learn we are all brothers and sisters in Islam. No one is better than the next and we all going to be in front of our Lord, with our book of deeds waiting for His decree on us. Take a long look at the behavior you exhibit for the world to see. Don’t be a Muslimah just by name.


Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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