Newark housing authority, who are they fooling?

ATTENTION: Newark, N.J residents

Is anyone out there who used to live or knows anyone who lived in Baxter Terrace? If so my question is: Were you relocated or given money to move yourself?

Fact 1. Newark was given $11 million by the US Department of Housing and Urban development. “The US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced today it will award in stimulus money to raise and rebuild one of the city’s oldest and most decrepit complex as part of a nationwide overhaul of low-income housing.” (By David Giambusso-Star Ledger- Sept.21, 2009.)

Fact 2. These new units are not for the low-income families, and it tells you so. It will be a mix housing project if we can call it so. Read the article below.

Fact 3. The new Baxter Park is renting 1 bedroom apartments, starting at $920 and 2 bedroom apartments, starting at $1100. Minimum annual income starts at $33,120 for a 1 bedroom and $39,600 for a 2 bedroom.

Who are they fooling? Who is going to get in? I’m not and many other Newark residents who are below the poverty lines.


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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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