“Chad 50 children paralyzed after vaccination.” We need to stand strong…

It is amazing to know who is behind such disturbing accident. The way fear is introduce in order to use humans, nevertheless children, as guinea pigs.
We all know in recent years a lot of controversy has come to notice when it comes to vaccinations. In the USA, even though our schools say is the law to vaccinate our children in order to get an education, is not a single law preventing children going to school because they are not vaccinated. The same fear used in a village in Chad, no vaccination, no education.
Mr. and Mrs. Gates using their money to help a company vaccinate children, with vaccines who are not yet been approved and are leaving them paralyze. So as we listen to the video we conclude the country of Chad was use as a laboratory to test such poison against children.
Mr.Gates, why don’t you use your money to build
wells,systems for clean water, maybe the children won’t be paralyzed, less illnesses will occur due to malaria and you will not be accuse of backing a company who is harming these children.
“571million company who is uses children as guinea pigs for dollars could have bought 91 million wells rather they chose to poison the children at a critical point in their development.”
I am just say, what are you saying?


Published by

Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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