Harassed while Muslim

The live feed right after the incident  is in my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/muslimahpr

 I did this video after the actual incident 

Harassed while Muslim

Is about the Muslim woman(me) taking photos in the same side walk as the Prudential building. I can not take pictures of the building meanwhile standing in their sidewalk (the sidewalk is public space), but if I go across the street I can take the pictures. (Maybe, if they don’t call the FBI or a terrorist squad) 

The security guard walk towards me first without saying a word, then he comes and asks me if I am a freelance photographer, I said yes and that is how this dilema started.

The Security Guard was sent to ask me what I was doing? Ok, fair enough. I asked why? “we had problems before, when people take photos of buildings….(he was up to his knees in shit right about now)

I asked; “People like me right?”

SG, “What you mean?”

Me: “Muslims”

SG: “Oh, no my father is Muslim.”

Me: “he is not doing what I am doing?”

He continue ranting, I had to tell him to stop talking (SG was already up to his neck in shit) Trying to tell me that I could stand on that side of the street just don’t take pics of the building.

Me: “Please, stop talking because I am a journalist”

Next thing you know I have security guard with a dog standing by him looking at me without saying a word.  Then the male security guards, oh one had a dog in a leash, leave and send a female officer and as she try to talk shit, I had to tell her to just stop talking to me. 

Tired of the stereotypes that are formed because we are Muslims, I am more than sure if it was any other famous photographer and white he will be welcome with open arms. Please, save the drama that 5 or 6 years ago it was a plot to blow the Prudential building.  This is just a way to maintain Islamophobia in a community of at least 75% Muslims just in Newark, not counting the fact that in the east coast New Jersey has the largest concentration of Muslims. 

My experience is not the first, nor will be the last, but I will make sure that someone listen to me, making sure this does not happen again.  

The stereotypes, politics and the silence of many,  is affecting and will continue to affect our Islamic communities by keeping our families in grave danger.


Actually, in its purest form, Islam is incredibly tolerant. That makes what’s going on in the world really bizarre.
Steve Earle



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Boricua Muslimah

Graduate from Rutgers Newark. Journalist, photographer and videographer.

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