I have decided to share my views and opinions of many Muslimahs.  We are not looking to be liberated, we are looking for the world to understand us as women. WE ARE NOT OPPRESS!!!!  So when you see us dress all in black, face cover and all, don’t think for one instance that my husband made me dress like that.  Allah order each and every Muslim woman to cover, and we obey our Lord with out questions.  We all are different and we are like anyone else, we are in different level in our Religion.  So please respect the Muslim woman who decide to dress according with their religion just like  nun or a jewish woman.


One thought on “MUSLIM SPEAK OUT”

  1. Is amazing, how we, Muslims, become complacent with everything in our lives. We need to stand for something or fall for everything. We want to keep the hijab, we want halal lunches in public schools, we pray to Allah five times a day without been fiired from the job, and I want to be Muslim always. Don’t You?


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