I became a Muslimah about eight years ago. Four month after the day that change the world. Yes, you are right 9/11. Then I got married to a Muslim man. My children became Muslim and life was never the same. Life as I knew it changed.
I lived in a small community upstate New York, where Muslims were not really seen or easily recognizable. I learned much by trial and error. I started looking for information and asking many questions. My husband knew his religion, up to the part were religion started mixing with culture.
I started learning more about Islam. Tawheed,(monotheism), the Arkaan of Islam (pillars of Islam)and many other things. In so many ways I was ignorant in every sence of the word. I learned how to offer salah (prayer), I learn to recite one or two surahs with the help of Allah aza wa jal.
Married, a new religion, learning to act, dress and live different. It was no easy, it was hard because I had to learn so many new things. Not only learn but put in to practice.
I have heard about a group of Muslims who were teaching Islam in a totally different way. Not deviating from what Islam is, teaching about subjects I knew nothing about. Bidah (inovation), the sahabas (companions of our Prophet Muhammad sala allahu alihim wa salam) and tawheed (monotheism). Tafseers of Surahs, I bought books, and listen to many lecturers. The precision with which they tought the religion and relate the information made the religion of Islam easy to understand.
Four years in to the religion, I moved to New Jersey. Allah subhana wa tallah gave me an opportunity to learn more about Islam, at one point teach it and be able to lern some Arabic. Allah aza wa jal bless me much, He allow me to come in to a community where Islam is a practice, the right way. Learning about the Salafi manhaj, had change my perspective in life, acquiring knowledge and even my behaviour. Life is much better when you learn the truth about something so important like your religion.
Islam is not only a religion is a way of life.

WE ARE HERE TO STAY… don’t judge learn about Islam.


Can any one tell me what is Islam?  What are you so afraid of us?  Why is it that when we cross your path is always a whisper?  Why can you accept the fact, Islam is here to stay?  Yes we are.  We have been here for thousands of years, many nations try to eradicate us, and the fact of the matter is WE ARE GROWING STRONGER EACH DAY.  Allahu Akbar!  So remember us every time you see us around with our black overgarment, niqab in the middle of summer don’t worry about us, because the HELL FIRE IS HOTTER  and we are here to stay.

WE SUBMIT  TO ALLAH SUBHANA  WA TALLAH, we love our religion just the same way and probably more than anyone of you.  Please learn about Islam, ignore the media, the propaganda and maybe you will see the beauty of Islam.  When you see us in the street, don’t whisper ask us questions.  We might not know everything but we will make sure you walk away with another perspective about us and Islam.

And you want to talk about oppression…

بسم لأاا حر-رحمنر رحم

     What is wrong with the news?  When are we going to stop the nonsense?  Stop, allowing the government of all these different countries to suppress our right to wear a niqab or a headscarf.  I, as other Muslim women, don’t understand why my sisters in France have to change the way they dress. Why we need to be like the non-believers?  Because, some ignorant Muslim decided to blow himself.  I was not there neither was I  the cause then why are we being penalize.

The world was shaken down to its foundation after 9/11 occur.  It is very sad to know or should I say accept what was said to me. We were frantic, we wanted to know, the reason for this horrendous crime. Why it  happened to us?  And by us I don’t mean Americans only, I meant  the world.  We grieved our losses, our dear ones and even the ones we did not know.  And then the US attacs, one country after the other searching at no avail.  Finding nothing which merits to look for and making the this country the enemy of many.  Undermining the possibility, that we are not  indestructible.

You may ask and what these events have to do with hijab, niqab or Muslimahs?   We are seeing more countries taking away the right of our Muslim sisters to cover.  We are being stripped of our rights.  We are not respected and we are bully by the governments of  countries which are not allow the Muslimah to cover.  What’s wrong with covering our  bodies? , when is your choice.  When it becomes the government choice?  France, Germany and England are the first promoting such attitude.  Can someone tell me: how many Muslims live in these countries?   It is fear who is dictating the actions of these governments?  We don’t  have religious rights.

We, the Muslimahs have no voice.  We need to need to have our voices heard,we need to become the voice behind the hijab.We need to focus, towards the right of being  protect and respected. Write it, blog it,  tell world what’s going on?  Make every bit of it public.  Don’t allow them to get away with it. We talk about oppression, Muslim women are oppress, they don’t have no rights.  Islam came and raised our status and gave us rights, when rights were not heard of.   So knowing our status in Islam, why we allow men, kufars to unveil us and degrade us.  This is real  oppression.  It is mandatory on every muslim man and woman to acquire knowledge about their religion.

I leave you with this:  The Muslim woman is a pearl who needs to be protected against the looks of evildoers who are moved by diseases of the heart and devilish inclinations….” (taken from the book “IMPORTANT LESSONS FOR MUSLIM WOMEN.”




The Principle of Permissibility

“The principle regarding acts of worship is one of prohibition, except if the Sharee’ah (Divinely Prescribed Law) relates a prescription for it. And the principle regarding customary behaviour is permissibility, except when the Sharee’ah relates a prohibition for it.” (Al-aslu fil-‘ibaadat al-hadhru illaa ma waradah ‘anish-shar’ee tashree’ahu. Wal-aslu fil-‘aadaat al-ibaahah illaa ma waradah ‘anish-shar’ee tahreemahu).1

The above principle is an important principle that Islaam teaches. Thus, with regards to matters of ‘aadaat (day-to-day actions), such as eating, drinking and wearing clothes, then everything is allowed in this regard, except if there is a clear and authentic evidence restricting or prohibiting its allowance. However, when it comes to ‘ibaadaat (acts of worship), then the opposite is the true. Here, nothing can be established as an act of worship, except if there is a clear and authentic text to allow it. So the basic principle for ‘aadaat is ibaahah (permissibility), whereas the basic principle for ‘ibaadaat is tahreem (prohibition).

Shaykhul-lslaam Ibn Taymiyyah (d.728H)- rahimahullaah – said:
“Peoples’ sayings and actions are of two kinds: ‘ibaadaat (acts of worship) by which their Religion is established, and ‘aadaat (customary practices) which are required for day-to-day living. From the principles of the Sharee’ah (Divinely Prescribed Islaamic Law) we know that acts of worship are those acts which have been prescribed by Allaah or approved by Him; nothing is to be affirmed here, except through the Sharee’ah. However, as far as worldly activities of people are concerned, they are necessary for everyday life. Here the principle is freedom of action; nothing may be restricted in this regard except what Allaah – the Mort Perfect – has restricted. This is the case because commanding and prohibiting are both in Allaah’s Hands. As far as worship is concerned, there has to be a command from Him concerning it. Thus, when it requires a command from Allaah to establish something, how can we say that something is restricted without His command? This is why Ahmad bin Hanbal (d.241H) and other jurists who base their judgements upon ahaadeeth (Prophetic narrations) say: In relation to acts of worship, then the principle is tawqeef (limitation); that is to lay, nothing can be legislated in this regard except what Allaah legislates. To do otherwise is to incur the risk of being included in the meaning of the Aayah (verse):

“Do they have partners with Allaah who prescribe for them in the Religion that for which Allaah has not given any permission.” [Soorah ash-Shooraa 42:21].

However, as far as living habits are concerned, the principle here is freedom, because nothing can be restricted in this regard except what Allaah has prohibited. To do otherwise is to be included in the meaning of His saying:

“Say: Do you see what Allaah has sent down to you for sustenance? Yet you have made some part of it halaal (lawful) and some part haraam (prohibited).” [Soorah Yoonus 10:59].

This is a great and beneficial principle, on the basis of which we can say that buying, selling, leasing, giving gifts, and other such matters are necessary activities for people, as are eating, drinking and the wearing of clothes. Thus, if the Sharee’ah (Divinely Prescribed Islaamic Law) says something about these day-to-day matters, it is in order to teach good behaviour. Accordingly, it has prohibited whatever leads to corruption, has made obligatory that which is essential, has disapproved of that which is superfluous, and has approved of that which is beneficial. All this has been done with due consideration of the magnitude and properties of the various types of activities involved. Since this is the position of the Sharee’ah, people are free to buy, sell and to lease just as they wish, just as they are free to eat and drink what they like – as long as it is not haraam (unlawful). Even though some of these things may be disapproved, they are still free in this regard, since the Sharee’ah does not go to the extent of prohibiting them – and thus the original principle (of permissibility) remains.”2

So ignorance is not an excuse or a quality you should have or be known for.

 Minhaajul-Qaasideen Mukhtasar fee Usoolil-Fiqh (p.27) of Shaykh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sa’dee.
2. Al-Qawaa’idun-Nooraaniyyah al-Fiqhiyyah (p.112-113)

Hello world!

No one likes liars, backbiters and everyone likes a person that keeps their promise.

Then tell me what is wrong with us?  I am talking to my Muslim brothers and sisters.  We all fall short and the only thing we can do is strive to become better Muslims.  These type of behaviour make people around you uncomfortable, uneasy.  Specially if the people around you are true believers.    May Allah subhana wa tallah protect us.  These are perfect ingredients for a miserable life.  Everyone will run away from you, seeking place to hide and ask Allah subhana wa tallah to help you change your ways.

We need to live with each other and accept the fact, we are different in all aspects of our lives.  Is no need to condem one or the other, male or female, young or old. The punishment is the same, and we should never forget the words of Allah All Mighty.




“And do not backbite one another.  Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother.  You would detest it.  And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is accepting of repentance, and Most-Merciful.”  Surah al-Hujuraat 49:12